A Little Bit of Knowledge in Foreclosure is a Dangerous Thing

Concerning Foreclosure and Mortgage issues, there is nothing more dangerous than a little bit of knowledge.

There is a plethora of information on the internet about everything from widgets to rockets.
The main point of the exercise of knowledge is to be able to measure what benefit that knowledge brings back to the person who is trying to exercise that knowledge.
The universal measurement of the success of knowledge is how much money that knowledge brings in.

Now, to the person who is in foreclosure, or heading for foreclosure, how much money did you make defending people in the realm of foreclosure defense?

So what makes you think that you can defend yourself in foreclosure? Pride or more likely shortage of money will lead you along that route. But in the long run the real answer is that the professional standard practice of paying thousands of dollars up front into a Retainer Account to facilitate what seems to be a simple thing shouts back at you in rebellion and unfairness. You just do not feel comfortable.

There are very viable alternatives to the traditional route of going to your attorney, or hiring an attorney who is specialized in real estate, who you do not know. You have no knowledge of his success or prowess in the field. How much does he win, how much does he lose?
A broker knows when to use an attorney, which attorney, and how much the attorney is going to get as the going rate for the service he can perform.

There are no Free Lunches for the concept of a free lunch is a lie, unless you apply it to family inviting you for a meal. You will get what you pay for. This sounds like a simple concept to understand. But it is a very complex concept to put into practice when you are faced with so many good sounding logical advertisements and wonderful advertising out there.

Persuasive puffery is what the judge will call it and he will tell you that it is acceptable trade practice when you seek redress for your woes after you have been taken to the cleaners with your foreclosure issues.

The intelligent thinking man’s / woman’s intelligent answer to the whole problem is to use the services of a broker.

A broker can be helpful because they save their clients, time pain money and embarrassment. Not everyone has time to look at 40 defense options before purchasing. Not every buyer has the specialized knowledge or wants to interview a slew of potential defense companies before selecting one.

A broker, completes any necessary legal paperwork, obtains the appropriate signatures, and collects money from the purchaser to pay the seller. Since the buyer and seller are employing the brokerage to complete the deal, the brokerage will collect a portion of the money obtained. In some cases, a brokerage receives money from both parties. In others, the brokerage receives a commission only from the seller.

The bottom line is that a broker earns his bread by the satisfaction of the clients he has served.

On a positive note, employing a reputable broker generally means that the broker assumes responsibility and liability for the seller’s claims. Should any portion of a sale be conducted illegally, the brokerage firm must often compensate the purchaser and take legal action against the seller.

In final analysis, appointing a broker is the answer to the Foreclosure Crises that has hit our Beloved Country and Citizens.